Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27 2012 Tuesday

Getting ready. Got my morning prayer out. God keep me and those I love.

Getting ready for the am dog walk and off to work. 6:23 am

Got to work and created a test for Arch 2 and 3.

peddled my blog a few places.

Read a little. Ready for the day ahead. (I guess)

So far so far lots know even more unknown. 12:19

Got thru the work day with a few really odd moments.

Go to the farm to replace a battery in the John Deere mower.

Went to the neighbors place to get the tiller for the tractor.

Tilled up the garden where next door neighbor made a mess trying to plow in the rain.

Walked the dog.
94 visits to the blog today

Now for some pc time.

Solar lights later this pm on Bee Tree